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Welcome to Riga Store!

The concept of Riga Store was initially based on the desire to put our effort into something we love. We only needed a few seconds to realise that the things we love the most is our city, beauty, ideas and above all – Citizens, visitors and tourists – everyone that makes our city dynamic and creative! The Riga Store project aims to share the beauty and vibrant atmosphere of our city through a wide range of products with images and symbols of Riga.

T-shirts, hoodies, key chains, and accessories that we offer are all made by local designers and illustrators and like nothing else reflect the spirit of modern Riga, that is a lively, fruitful city with a share of aristocratic minimalism. Something for everybody! We hope that among all this variety you’ll discover something that will catch your eye, be these favourite sights, precious memories or a souvenir of a spectacular holiday!